What is the book genre?

A memoir


What is the book about?

My team and I, Lipstick Bounty Hunters, attempted the arrest of a wayward bail client, Daniel Duvall, at an Arby's in Orange County, CA. The attempt was videotaped and uploaded to Youtube and went viral then shortly after, Mr. Duvall and his Attorney sued us for $52 million. We were paraded around several news stations, both nationally and internationally. Two years later, Mr. Duvall was arrested, then eventually convicted for 80 years, for the brutal murder of his uncle.


Why did you write the book?

I felt it necessary to tell my side of the story to remove the stain of 'internet villain' from my life and career.


Why is this book needed now? What problem does the book answer?

This book discusses current issues with blended families, child abuse, racism, police and prison reform, media disinformation and the need to decriminalize sex work.


What was your inspiration?

I have always been an avid reader, writer and researcher at heart and felt it was time to embark on the challenge of writing a book. What better way to deal with the suffering of public humiliation than to write about it?


What did you learn while writing the book?

Understanding. Once I was able to step back and write, re-write, review, and review again, painful events in my life, I was able to see the people who harmed me, and others, much clearer. Soon, I understood that they too had experienced their own pain and trauma. Continuing to blame them was pointless and being their victim was a choice. I had the power to choose to become an overcomer.


What surprised you the most?

I always felt my unique, sometimes crazy, and deranged, life events were based on destiny and somehow pre-determined in every stage but the more I organized them in a story plot I realized that belief was untrue. My life happened as is and though it's not always pretty and normal, its mine and I would not change it.


Why do you think others will enjoy the book?

My story as a woman and mother is very relatable and yet, insanely unrelatable. Many parts of this book are not only intriguing, but unique and I am confident the audience will find it both compelling and entertaining.


Is there a message that is conveyed through this book?

Mainstream media, and our current society, swings either all the way right or all the way left and doesn't care about whom they harm standing in the middle. They rarely use facts and chose to paint one's character with a narrative that is negative and demeaning. Many stories include a voiceless victim.

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